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Majidi didn’t invited Deepika for the Casting

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Majidi didn’t invited Deepika for the Casting

Neha Singh March 14, 2018

The Iranian film maker Majid Majidi said that he wanted to work with Deepika Padukone in the future after they missed the chance to work together in his Bollywood debut film ‘Beyond the Clouds.’

In 2016, some of Deepika’s pictures were out which speculate that the Bollywood’s Mastani is all set to work with Majidi. The director, however, said that the team did not invite her for the screen test.

“I must also mention special thanks to Deepika for being extremely humble. We actually didn’t invite her for casting, we just wanted to put her in the situation to get a feeling of the film. And she was quite humble,” Majidi said.

“For different reasons, the collaboration couldn’t happen. But in future, I hope there is an opportunity where we can work together.”

The director spoke this on the occasion of the trailer launch of Beyond the Clouds which was attended by the music director, A.R. Rehman and the leads of the movie.

Majidi, best known for international classics such as “Children of Heaven” and “The Song of Sparrows”, jested that he got more fame in India than in Iran.

He said he was waiting to make an Indian film as he is in awe of Satyajit Ray’s work and finds many cultural similarities between India and Iran.

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