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Meera has something sweetest to say for hubby Shahid

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Meera has something sweetest to say for hubby Shahid

Neha Singh March 14, 2018

Our very own Maharawal Ratan Singh aka Shahid Kapoor is enjoying the best part of his life. Whether it is her little one Misha hanging around or his lady luck Meera Kapoor, Shahid has the happiness all over. Infact, another reason behind his larger than life smile is his recent movie Padmavat breaking the box-office records. Shahid’s role in the movie reflects his dedication that he left no stone unturned to grasp the character.

Speaking with the leading daily, he recalled the moment when he returned home from the shooting for Padmavat and received a beautiful compliment from the wifey. He said, “I remember once I came back from the shoot and Mira asked me, ‘So how did it go?’ because I was filming for nearly 15 hours that day. And I said to her that we didn’t do a single shot that day. She was like, ‘What?’ She turned around and said, ‘But you look really happy.’ I told her, ‘Yes, we didn’t do a shot today, but we have worked towards doing a great shot tomorrow.’ She said, ‘Shahid, you haven’t looked so happy when you have come back from films where you’ve done a lot of work in one day. But you look really content now.’ And essentially that’s how it was. The journey and the process was very satisfying”

Aww, isn’t it too sweet of Meera? Well, Shahid has proven that he stands among the best actors of the Bollywwod through his epic performance as Raja Ratan Singh in Padmavat. We just wish him all luck for his upcoming projects and a heartfelt congratulation for his movie entering the 100 Crore club.

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