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Rani Mukerjee Curses her Husband Aditya Everyday

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Rani Mukerjee Curses her Husband Aditya Everyday

Neha Singh March 14, 2018

Rani Mukerjee on a talk show of Neha Dhupia admits that she curses her husband everyday but in a good way. Rani came to Neha Dhupia’s show, BBF with Vogue, where she openly spoke about her personal life which she usually never does. Revealing the details about her marriage, she said many things which we all would have never known. She said that their first meeting happened on the sets of Mujhse Dosti Karoge where Rani was the lead.

Rani also shared how Aditya went on a limb to cast Rani despite being told by people not to take Rani in the lead “because they thought that she didn’t have the equity for a Yash Raj film” and how she was impressed by his open and jolly nature.

She said that they both took the vows in a hush-hush wedding ceremony attended by just 12 people.

The couple is happily married for four years now and have welcomed their daughter, Adira two years back. In this phase where all the star kids love being in lime light, Adira has always remain away from the camera. According to Rani, “I want Adira to grow up normally. You get unwanted and undeserved attention without having achieved anything in life. I want Adira to be treated like any other child in school. Aditya and I don’t want her to be photographed constantly,”

Talking further on their relationship, Rani said that she curse her husband everyday but in a loving way. In her words, “Yes, I do. I curse my husband every day; I abuse my husband every day but he does such loving things that the cursing comes out with love! So, in my family when we curse, we curse with love. We don’t curse with hate. If I curse somebody, that means I really love that person.”

On the work front, Rani made a comeback with her movie Hichki which would hit the theatres on 23rd March, 2018.

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