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Shah Rukh gets emotional at Crystal Awards

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Shah Rukh gets emotional at Crystal Awards

Neha Singh March 14, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan was last night awarded with the prominent Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum in Davos. He was handed over the trophy by Hilde Schwab, Chairwoman, and Co-Founder of the World Economic Forum’s World Arts Forum.  On receiving the honour, Shah Rukh got emotional and gave an over-whelming speech in which he spoke about empowering women, need for power reversal and the importance of service of others.

He said, “Actors are renowned narcissists. No matter how much we pretend to not to believe in external beauty, we tend to be obsessed by it, one way or another. Perhaps being surrounded by this obsession of beauty, a few years ago I came across a lady who had been brutalized by an acid attack and it kind of changed my life, or the perspective of it at least. To disfigure a woman by throwing acid on her face, to me, is one of the crudest acts of subjugation imaginable.”

He further added, “I want to thank my sister, my wife and my little daughter for bringing me up well and teaching me the value of requesting, sometimes imploring and begging a yes from a woman, instead of forcing it upon her.”

The owner of a million hearts, King Khan also spoke about his interaction with the acid attack victims and mentioned that he had a lot to learn from them. He said, “how courage can catalyse victimhood into heroism, how solidarity rather than charity enables the human will to overcome, how equality is not a concept, but a truth that encompasses all living beings and how the service of others is not a choice anymore for any of us. It is a duty that all of us must fulfill.”

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