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This Celeb wants Her Star kid to stay away from her Boyfriend

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This Celeb wants Her Star kid to stay away from her Boyfriend

Neha Singh March 14, 2018

2017 was a year of star kids. Whether it is Taimur’s cuteness or Janhvi Kapoor’s hot bold look, the year was completely dedicated to the Star Kids. Also it was a year of star kids debut where we saw two of them, who made a lot in the recent times. Sara Ali Khan, who made it big with a debut opposite to the handsome hunk Sushant Singh Rajput with Kedarnath. Then there’s Janvhi Kapoor, Sridevi’s elder one who grabbed the remake of Sairat, Dhadak. But while these siuper cute beauties are looking forward to see if audiences will accept them, there is another star kid who is busy with her own personal affairs. The major concern as she is trying to keep her mother away from the love of her life.

The celebrity mother is never known to interfere in others personal life, whether it is her super famous husband or the equally famous kids. But, mothers are after all mothers. We came to know that this teenager’s mother has asked her daughter to stay away from her boyfriend.

The boy too belongs to a filmy clan and is from the same circle. They are spotted together manier times with friends and alone. It was believed that the families supported their relationship and don’t mind at their frequent meetings. But, it has been noticed that the star wife is getting a bit protective for her daughter who has been in the media eye for quite a long time now.

I hope by now, you must have guessed the celeb kid and the star wife, mother-daughter duo. If you have figured it who whom we are talking about then mention in the comments below.

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