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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

The show revolves around two sisters, Jeevika and Manvi, their relationship, and their bottomless affection for each other. Jeevika is the elder, more mature sister. Manvi is bubbly and wants to help everyone, though she often lands in a mess and has to be rescued by Jeevika. Jeevika and Manvi have been together since childhood. They love each other and wish never to be separated. They live with their family at Hrishikesh. They have no parents but they live with other members of their extended family. After Jeevika marries Viren Vadhera from Chandigarh and becomes pregnant she discovers that Manvi has bones cancer and during her suffering Virat becomes close to Manvi. Jeevika fails to find a bone marrow donor for Manvi so Jeevika and Viren decide that they have no other choice than to abort their baby and save Manvi. Manvi and Virat fall in love with each other. After many struggles they get married with their families' blessings.


Season 1

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